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The candy shop dilemma or how to start a blog

Having been active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and most recently - also on TikTok, I have had my doubts about starting a blog. Though I claim to be a blogger, I never really had the courage to post outside of social media and start a blog.

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After all, a blog is more demanding than posting on social media, because you commit to content, whereas on social media you can simply post a cute picture whenever you feel like it. But I realized that there are some topics that deserve more in-depth discussion than social media sharing. So I decided to start a blog.

A blog allows you to have a voice and be heard as you can share your story with the entire world."

So how to start?

Honestly, I have no clue. I feel like a small child in a candy shop. So many topics to choose from. Should I start with those tempting ones right at the entrance or might the best ones be hidden on the top shelf, locked up safely behind the counter? I guess the best way forward for me is to start with the topics that are most important to me:

  • Mixed-Cultural family life

  • Igbo food and culture

  • Mixed-cultural marriage

  • Raising mixed-cultured children

  • Anti-racism and white privilege

  • The Igbo diaspora

  • Tourism in Nigeria

  • Art and cooking

While I am aware that blogs are supposed to be built up like a perfect storyline, I feel more comfortable posting whatever comes to my mind. So rather than setting up a concept and prewriting the next 20 posts in detail, I will get started with whatever is on my mind and feels relevant to me. So bear with me if this gets a bit messy.

Overcoming the fears

So many topcis to choose from...what if the candy turns out to be sour instead of sweet

I am not a fearful person, but committing to regular posts with meaningful content scares the crap out of me. In fact, I have reviewed this post already 23 times even though it is not even finished yet. In the past, I have been voicing my mind in the comment sections of other people's posts or using images or videos rather than words to speak my mind. But writing content on a regular basis myself? What if I don't find the right words, or lack the time to write or more simply - what if nobody reads my posts? Does it really matter?

The only failure is not to try

Coming back to the candy shop analogy - I guess I will never know if the candy tastes sweet or sour if I don't try it. And hopefully, in the end, even the sour candy will turn out to be sweet if chewed long enough. So let me start my blog, one Marshmallow at a time!


And how about you?

Do you run a blog or intend to start one? What are your biggest challenges or secret tips when it comes to blogging? Let me know!

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Wow.. Yes that's me, that's me still there.. tried blogging back in 2015 and quitted within weeks. was locked down with from "so many topics to choose from and.. "what if the candy turns out to be sour instead of sweet" just as you quoted.I would not blame my situation then for quitting when I was willing to even started and made a first post. So the failure from NO TRY is also to try not to quit once started.

My only question is "does someone needs to be a good writer to at least be able to arrange his or her words or will be looking for a editor or proof reading upandown?

I hope you understands my words…

Mi piace

I like that you use the analogy of visiting a candyshop with starting a blog, it definitely is. But personally, I can say you have already picked some very nice candies ;).

I am thrilled and excited to read more about the topics you listed above!

Can‘t wait, but no pressure ;)


Mi piace
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